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Welcome to OZEANLUFT'S "surprise me" banner blog! All you have to do is send me whatever you'd like written on your banner and i'll make you a surprise banner! :) however, you must visit http://adf.ly/rOYaJ before ordering!!!

hey all! for the next 2 weeks, i’ll be in Germany :) so if anyone needs a banner, it will be a 2 week wait from August 4th x

fantasiatic messaged:
thank you it's perfect omg! xx

no problem xx

still-not-yours messaged:
Ive got a question: i made a banner for myself but its not centered (the pic itself is but not on my tumblr pc page) why?

the only thing i can think of is your theme… sometimes the html doesn’t properly support banners! the only thing you can do is get someone that is good with customizing html’s or change your theme :/

blissful-coasts messaged:
thank you! it's so cute!! xx

no problem!

tribal-elephantss messaged:
you're the best, thanks bby!

no problem :)